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Does this robot want your job? Join us on Facebook Live for a discussion with NYIT Professor Kevin LaGrandeur as he argues that the real threat to American jobs isn’t flesh-and-blood foreign workers. It’s robots and computers. https://www...
Hank Pellissier Interview with Terry Hyland Learning to forgive has also been championed, for thousands of years, by numerous religions and philosophies. To learn more about Buddhism’s perspective on forgiveness, IEEt Affiliated Scholar Hank Pellissier interviewed Terry Hyland http://www...
Essay collection “Nietzsche and Transhumanism: Precursor or Enemy?” To be Released n the 1st of May, the essay collection “Nietzsche and Transhumanism: Precursor or Enemy?”, edited by Yunus Tuncel, will be published. It deals with the question of whether Nietzsche can be seen as a precursor...
Kevin LaGrandeur Publishes Op-Ed in USAToday IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur published an op-ed on, the country’s top daily paper based on circulation and online viewers.
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