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Laurens Vaddeli
Les mondes virtuels l’avenir du travail après le confinement ? by Laurens Vaddeli

Cet article s’interroge sur les nouveaux modes de travail virtuel, qui ont connu un regain d’attention lors du confinement. Quels sont leurs bénéfices sur notre mode de vie? Quels impacts peuvent-ils avoir sur notre société à long terme? Sont-ils si différents de ceux que nous connaissons?

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Kevin LaGrandeur
Here’s How We Can Make AI for Tracking Covid Safer by Kevin LaGrandeur

During the protests against the killing of George Floyd around the country early this month, predator drones were found by government watchdogs to be circling above the protesters in several cities.  There has rightfully been a great hue and cry from both political parties about this, because such surveillance arguably violates the first and fourth amendment rights of the protesters: such surveillance puts a damper their rights to peaceably assemble and to free speech, and it also violates their rights against illegal searches.

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IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello assumes role as co-Editor of the International Journal of Technoethics International Journal of Technoethics

IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello assumes role as co-Editor of the International Journal of Technoethics along with Baha Abu-Shaqra (University of Ottawa).

We are open for regular issue submissions

You can also submit to the Special Issue on Engineering Ethics

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New Updates on IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner Beyond Humanism

The “Immortalists Magazine” has just published detailed interviews on justice, rights, and discrimination with IEET Fellows David Pearce and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner:

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Marc Roux
Transhumanisme en Biélorussie by Marc Roux

Une présentation du transhumanisme en Biélorussie : situation, projets, relations internationales

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Marcelo Rinesi
The ethical nonsense (and plutocratic convenience) of AI rights by Marcelo Rinesi

Neither these robots nor these corporations are people.

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IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello Co-Authors New Paper Industry 5.0 and Human Values Applied Sciences

Although manufacturing companies are currently situated at a transition point in what has been called Industry 4.0, a new revolutionary wave—Industry 5.0—is emerging as an ‘Age of Augmentation’ when the human and machine reconcile and work in perfect symbiosis with one another. Recent years have indeed assisted in drawing attention to the human-centric design of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and to the genesis of the ‘Operator 4.0’, two novel concepts that raise significant ethical questions regarding the impact of tec...

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Livestream event on Steve Fuller’s Nietzschean Meditations Nietzschean Meditations

On Wednesday, 24 June (7 pm - 8.30 pm, London Time), Luke Mason will be interviewing Steve Fuller about his latest book, Nietzschean Meditations: Untimely Thoughts at the Dawn of the Transhuman Era. The event, which is part of the FUTURES Podcast series, will be livestreamed but registration is required.

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Cyril Gazengel
Le transhumanisme en Suède – historique, situation présente et futur incertain by Cyril Gazengel

Les premières initiatives dans les années 1990, les figures les plus célèbres et les réalisations importantes d’un des mouvements transhumanistes les plus anciens.

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Marcelo Rinesi
Short story: Dream Job by Marcelo Rinesi

“I can’t sleep,” I complained to my therapist. The inhumanly empathetic rendering nodded.