A Special Message From Dr. James Hughes

The IEET just turned fourteen years  old.

Hundreds of technoprogressive public intellectuals have become a part of our community. Some have been already established writers and thinkers who sought to collaborate on shared issues and values, and others were just learning to write and speak about our issues. Many have gone on to start their own projects, organizations and journals, writing books and producing podcasts and films.

Our conferences have helped advance the case for cognitive libertyanti-aging medicinemoral enhancement,  the rights of non-human persons and the mitigation of catastrophic risks.

Our Journal of Evolution and Technology has published hundreds of peer-reviewed academic articles on topics from human enhancement, to technological unemployment, to artificial intelligence.

We have become a global hub for the engagement of the futurist community with public policy, a go-to for the media, academia, government agencies, and policy wonks.

Now we need to move our work to the next level. We believe it is time for futurists to intervene in politics and public policy, to raise awareness of the important questions that are being ignored. How will the economy change as robotics and AI erode employment? How can we ensure income security for seniors as lifespans lengthen? How can we best support the development and efficient regulation of emerging technologies  for life extension  and human enhancement?  Are there opportunities for the building of futurist political action committees, pressure groups, or even parties?

We will be building a network of people working on technoprogressive issues and organizing a conference on the technoprogressive agenda.

Meanwhile we want to start subsidizing our fellows and affiliate scholars to participate in meetings, and to build our website and journal, through which so many millions of readers have learned about the ideas and values that we need for brighter future. 

We know you value the work we do and I hope you will show your support by clicking on the link below and making a contribution to our 2019 work.